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How It Works

During the COVID-19 crisis, in common with many businesses I moved my work online. I was surprised at first to find that most couples actually preferred this to coming into clinic for sessions in person.  When I asked clients why they preferred online counselling, reasons included:

  • No travel time.

  • No cost of fuel or public transport.

  • No hassle around parking.

  • No need to arrange child care.

  • Counselling takes place in the reassuring environment of your own home rather than at a clinic or office.

  • Sessions can take place when you aren't both at home, such as when one of you is travelling or if you are not living together.

  • Some clients choose to fit a session into their break at work.

  • No geographic limitations; I can offer you support wherever in the world you may be.

Distanced Couple

As a result, I now practice entirely online.  This means that sessions still take place face-to-face just as they would in person, but are delivered via Zoom. The techniques and tools that we will use are just the same as they would be in person.

If you have never used Zoom before, there is no need to be nervous! Provided you have access to a laptop or tablet, you just click a link, and we are connected face-to-face. There is no need to buy or download any special software. I am also happy to offer telephone counselling if that is something which you would prefer.

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