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Often people wrongly assume that relationship counselling is only for those currently in a relationship and attending as a couple. However, some of the most beneficial relationship counselling can be achieved on an individual basis.


Whether you have been single for a long time, or find yourself just recently so, you may be in need of support to deal with issues arising from a bad break-up or previous toxic relationship.  You may currently be in a relationship but feel unable to express yourself in front of your partner, or think that the problems you are facing might be about a previous relationship/something not involving them.   


Often, people who attend individual relationship counselling are carrying pain and/or trauma from a past relationship, and need to make sense of this in order to move forwards.  Sometimes people find themselves beyond this point and are looking to meet someone new, but are finding that prospect rather daunting and would like to discuss how to go about the dating 'process' in a healthy way.  In other instances, you might be in a relationship and having doubts about whether it is working for you anymore, or perhaps there are things from a previous relationship that are causing you difficulty.

So often our happiness, or certainly perceived happiness, comes from being in a relationship.  But ultimately feeling happy and content in ourselves is only going to have a positive effect in terms of our relationships, whether they be current or in the future.

Whether attending as a single or attached person, individual relationship counselling will take the time to explore your needs and wants within a relationship, hone down what makes you happy, and work to resolve any issues you feel you are facing.  Whatever is going on for you, individual support can help you make sense of your situation and support you in taking those next steps forward.

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