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Historical Abuse


Domestic violence and abuse is a common problem for a lot of people within their relationship.  Abuse can take many forms including: physical, emotional/psychological/mental, sexual and financial - all of which can have a different, but equally damaging effect on us.

Whether you have experienced one or a mixture of theses types of abuse within your life, as either a child or within an adult relationship, the traumatic effects can shape you and your responses to things.

Often past traumas lie dormant, or aren't problematic for the majority of the time.  But when something happens, or a certain behaviour triggers us, we can react to events now as if we were still experiencing the traumas of the past.   In particular, areas which you might identify as acting as triggers within your relationship might include conflict and arguments, the sex side of the relationship, and difficulty in communicating your feelings.

By working with you, and perhaps your partner, we can seek to unpick and understand historical trauma and the effect it has on your life and relationships.  We can look at devising coping mechanisms specific to you, to help stop the pain of your past dictating the happiness of your future.

Sometimes people will present with ongoing domestic violence and/or abuse within their relationship.  The safety and well being of my clients is my central concern, so there may be some circumstances where ongoing couple work may not be the most beneficial approach.  If this is so I would support and signpost you to more appropriate help. 

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